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Hi! I'm Morgane!
I guide intuitives & empaths from self-doubt to self-trust so that they can get "unstuck" & trust their intuition to make aligned decisions that will move them forward and elevate their life.

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Mission: Guiding you back to yourself

As an intuitive empath and sensitive being, it is not always easy to trust yourself and hear your intuition. You hold the key to your own transformation and my role is to help you accelerate your journey back to yourself and support your personal transformation journey so that you can see your full potential, become aligned with your heart's desires, trust yourself and your intuition.  

This is done through highly transformative sessions that help you unburden yourself and clear blockages that have been affecting your health and wellness, emotions, mindset, soul & energy - more generally, your whole life.


Below you can see a preview of the main services I am currently offering.

Shamanic Healing

A deep energy cleanse & healing session to release stagnant energies and release pains for a feeling of relief, rejuvenation and clarity.

Self-Trust Activator

A session that helps you build self-trust by uncovering & shifting what is causing you to be hard on yourself so you can confidently make decisions that move you forward


An 8-week private shamanic healing & transformative coaching experience for business owners who are ready to trust themselves to make decisions that move their business forward.

What teaming up with me will bring you:​

  • a self-confidence boost

  • a nonjudgmental benevolent ear that encourages and supports you

  • an accelerated healing and release of what has been keeping you stuck

  • epiphanies and clarity on your next steps

  • instant shift to a positively higher vibration

You will then allow yourself to

  • practice radical self-acceptance and self-love

  • see your full potential and become empowered

  • reach inner peace & effortlessly access your higher self

  • trust yourself to make decisions that move you forward

  • set healthy boundary with kindness and compassion for all

You will become your own best friend, unlock your inner power and see life in terms of opportunities for growth and expansion.
Are you ready for the next version of yourself?


About Morgane

‧⁺˚*・༓☾ Hello beautiful soul and welcome to my website ! :) ☽༓・*˚⁺‧


I was born shaman and psychic-medium, after a successful career as an executive in an international company, I decided to leave it all behind & dedicate myself to my true calling, what really sets my soul on fire.

Back in 2014, I got extra qualifications as a Certified Personal Development Coach (that covers trainings in NLP, psychogenealogy & sophrology) as well as different energy healing modalities plus Akashic Reading, which have enabled me to create my own practice that I now apply and teach. My secret sauce is to mix personal development and mediumship with powerful energy & shamanic techniques. I do take spiritual hygiene very seriously and I make sure to respect the rules for the highest good of all.

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I don't really like labels, but you could say I'm your intuitive personal transformation catalyst and I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Take care,


Your Transformation Activator

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