Childhood wound

Inner child healing


(includes a free meditation)


Have you suffered from childhood trauma?

Were you bullied, humiliated, rejected as a child or as a teenager?

Are the abuse, insults, words still hurting you? 

I feel you, I have been there myself...


It hurts, it haunts you for many years, you try to bury it but at some point, it comes back up...


My emotional response used to be strong... but I am the living proof that it is possible to not only survive, but also to deactivate the emotional response associated with your trauma as well as triggers, to live and to grow stronger than ever.

In this course, I am explaining how you can do that too in a concise way. I give your clear steps that you can apply in your life and heal yourself as well as techniques that worked for myself and for my clients.

This course will teach you:

  • what is an inner child and how to identify that part of you

  • how to use your past to move forward

  • a 7-step healing method you can easily do by yourself (a rinse-and-repeat method)

  • how to shift your perspective

  • see why you can have compassion for yourself and all the miles you have walked

Now, you might be wondering

Will I manage to apply this into my life?

Every experience is personal of course but if you are dedicated to your own healing and if you really want to get over these wounds, then yes, you will!

I created this course with simple methods that every one can use, even if you don't have any experience in healing your traumas or if you're just at the beginning of your spiritual journey.

So if you are ready to change your perception of your past, heal your wounds to deactivate the triggers and rebuild yourself stronger than ever on new and solid foundations, this life-changing course is for you!


I am encouraging and supporting you on your healing journey, you are a brave soul and you got this, you are powerful, I believe in you!


  • self-paced video course

  • healing techniques that you can use and re-use as you need

  • Bonus: free guided meditation

  • Price: 47 euros

This course is included in my workshop

"Understanding the ego to access wholeness and unconditional love"

Check it here

I'm looking forward to teaching you how to heal your wounds and shine your light,

Much love,


Any question?