Emotional Healing


Welcome to this page introducing a course that can change your life

This course is for your if:

as a child, you were not allowed to feel or express yourself

you were made fun of for crying,

you were ridiculed for showing emotions

or even reproached with being "too sensitive" (as if it were a weakness... which it is not!)

your parents/caretakers told you not to cry

you were told that being angry was "bad"

maybe you feel emotions within you but you don't know what to do with them...

I understand and let me reassure you, you are not alone.


With this course, my goal is that you understand that you are a whole being and that you don't have to be afraid of your emotions - it is safe and healthy for you to feel them.

I am teaching you not one but two techniques that will help you feel them AND release them.


I will also be explaining why it is important to talk about your emotions for your relationship with yourself and with others.


I am very excited to teach you about this because it is a very important step on your journey from fear to unconditional love (towards yourself and others!)


You attract what you are and what you vibrate, it all starts within.

What you will learn

  • key notions to know yourself better

  • a holistic approach -> you are whole

  • why emotional healing is important & what happens within your physical body when you don't deal with your emotions

  • what emotions are for a better understanding

  • how to accept them without judging yourself

  • how you can meet your own emotions & how to define them with a simple exercise

  • how to channel your emotions

  • how to transmute (=transform) them

  • why it is important to express your emotions and your truth

  • how to express your truth to improve your relationships

After this course, you will know:

  • how to accept yourself and your emotions, so that you no longer carry unnecessary burdens - no more self-judgment or shaming! 

  • how to quickly shift from low and heavy to higher vibrations so you feel lighter

  • how to use a powerful technique that you can do anytime you need to get relief

  • how to speak your truth with confidence

  • how to improve your communication in a relationship

Here are the details

  • 7 videos that you can watch at your own pace

  • downloadable PDF documents as extra bonus material

  • whether you're a beginner or already have knowledge

  • created in 2018, updated & recorded in January 2021

  • use & reuse these methods any time you need

  • 47 euros

For information, this course about emotional healing is included in my workshop "Understanding the ego to access wholeness and unconditional love"

I'm looking forward to teaching you how to unburden yourself and go with your own flow,

Much love,


Any question?