1st Client's testimony after an Akashic Healing session

My client was struggling with imbalances in her relationship, she was feeling resentment and there were ups and downs in the energy, a constant shift of push and pull periods of time that was seriously affecting her and her relationship.

We had a session, she could see herself in a past life with her partner and access information that gave her understanding on the way she was feeling. She could then release the old and outdated energies and she has felt a huge shift ever since.

She told me that session changed her life and I'm forever grateful to have been able to help her and her partner.

During sessions, we go deep. But it doesn't have to be painful, when there are releases, they're usually stagnant energies that are coming out as tears, it can happen. Not everyone has tears but people who do feel so much better and lighter after. I can even see a difference on their facial expressions and the glow in their eyes is also brighter.

If you are tired of some old patterns repeating in your life or if you'd like to understand imbalances you have in a relationship or in any other area of your life, an Akashic Healing session can help you.

Save this post for later, share it with your friends who are struggling and let's connect! You can also book a session by clicking the image below :)

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