3 Things I Wish I Knew

If only my teacher had taught me about triggers!

It seems so easy when you hear about mindset shift techniques... Doesn’t it? But there’s of course more to it…

I remember the first time I learned about the notion of “ego”. I thought it was a few mindset tips and methods to apply until I realized it was deeper than “just a few mindset coaching tips”.

I started to search online for methods to go deeper but I never found what I was looking for.

All of a sudden, it came to me from within, I realized triggers had a deeper origin than “just the ego” and it was possible to deactivate them once for good!

So here are 3 things I wish someone had told me back then!

  • What you feel is valid and there is a reason for it, you are not “crazy” or “mentally unstable” for having triggers and reacting “impulsively” for seemingly “small things”

  • you can learn to realize when you’re being triggered, which enables you not to give any power to external situations anymore

  • Triggers are an opportunity to resolve unfinished businesses, it’s your subconscious mind catching your attention on something that is unresolved

And here’s a 4th thing, just because…

  • You can deactivate your triggers once for good and it does NOT have to take long…

Does any one of those in particular resonate with you?

I’d love to hear, feel free to reply and share your thoughts so we can connect!

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