4 signs you're expanding your consciousness & connected to the Universe

Since you've been on your growth and transformation journey (or Ascension journey, spiritual awakening, however you want to call it :) ), have you noticed that:

  • you tend to forget things

  • your perception of time has changed

  • you know or feel things without rational explanation

  • you experience déjà vus moments

If that's happened or is happening to you, don't worry, it is normal...

As you heal your past traumas and keep growing and finding your truth, you might feel like you are losing your memory... but in reality, you're only letting go of burdens and you will only "forget" what you don't need anymore. You can't forget what you already know and what serves you anyway...

Growing is about knowing and remembering, you will always know what you need to know when you need to use that knowledge, plus when you are connected to your true self, you need to trust that you will always channel/access information that you need in perfect timing.

I remember even before I was into spirituality to the extend I am now, when I had my corporate job, I used to know things without knowing how I knew them and I wasn't aware of it. So even before you grow awareness, it already happens, you're tapping into the Universal Knowledge.

The more you heal and grow, the more in tune you will be with your Higher Self.

Are you trusting your higher self?

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