5 reasons to work with someone who sees & understands the unseen

You might wonder what working with an intuitive coach who is also a shamanic healing practitioner like myself can do for you...

Let me give you a few examples of what it can do:

  • accelerate your healing, personal and spiritual growth journey for more emotional and mental freedom

  • release blocks and limitations that have hidden origins (ex: past lives or ancestral) to have a more positive outlook on yourself (and therefore on life)

  • learn to be more in tune with your intuition from someone who has done it before

  • receive a different approach on situations from an energy perspective, which helps you see the bigger picture for an instant shift and more inner peace

  • receive guidance that empowers you to make decisions that serve your highest good

  • have access to the solution that takes your unique needs into account from a soul's perspective, it's not a cookie-cutter method, you are unique

All of this in addition to the "usual" services that a coach & healing catalyst provides, namely:

  • have a genuine supporter, someone who will be there to encourage you and celebrate your success

  • feel empowered and be encouraged to let your own uniqueness shine

To be honest, I struggle with labels... You could say I'm a Personal development coach (that's what's written on my certificate), a spiritual teacher, a shaman (pejuta winan in Lakota), psychic medium, intuitive, highly sensitive...

I perceive situations and humans from an energy perspective, I have the ability to see through darkness, identify it, understand it to know exactly what to do to shift it, cut through the drama, chaos and confusion, bring answers and ground you in your heart space where you can find peace, unconditional self-love and take a higher perspective.

Supporting you in making the best choices for yourself (there's no mistake, but choices that serve your highest good) and become your own guide - NOT to make you dependent on me, my goal is to team up with you so that you find the key that are within you and open the doors yourself because that's what empowerment is about and that's what I believe in.

If you have any questions on how I can help you, you can send me a DM or book your free discovery call via the link in my bio.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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