6 reasons why you should never fear dark entities (myth busting!)

♔ Here are 6 reasons why you should never fear any dark entities and demons?

1) if you're afraid of them, it means you give them power over you, they're not more powerful than you (otherwise they wouldn't need to scare you to take your power away)

2) they can't harm you unless you allow them to and give them the power to do so

3) fear is what they thrive on, by being afraid, you're feeding them and making them "happy"

4) you can do something about it, it starts by taking your power back and raising your vibration (I have freebies about that)

5) if you think "they'll get you" then they will, because this thought opens a door

6) eventually, you can use them to your own advantage so that you win twice "what are they trying to show me?" know that they'll always use your weaknesses against you, build yourself up and laugh at them

♔ Always remember your own power!!!

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