7 tips to ditch impostor syndrome (+story time)

As a teenager, I remember already suffering from that syndrome... of course, I had no idea what it was.

I remember walking out of exam room at school and thinking I had failed, even during the whole exam, I was "haunted" by the thought "what if I'm writing complete nonsense?" I'd walk out relieved it's done but stressed to know if I'd pass... and when I'd see the results, that I had passed with distinctions, it didn't make sense to me...

I got promoted at work and although I had the knowing I was going to succeed because I trusted I was doing my best and I was committed, it always felt like I had to work twice harder to make sure I wouldn't disappoint my bosses, so they wouldn't regret promoting me (= me, mentally projecting my insecurities on experienced successful business people/shareholders - but I didn't know better at the time)... I put extra pressure on myself - unnecessarily because they had full trust in me.

So... as you can guess, as a business owner, it was no different. Especially since I deal with "the unseen", the fear of disappointing my clients - which is ridiculous because I have a lot of returning clients who are happy to be on a journey with me, as they keep growing.

Yet, I'm in my 6th year of having my own business and I'm still expanding to the point that I'm now teaching my own programs (Unshakeable which is my 8-week mentorship and also my teaching program version 2.0 dropping very soon) and helping beautiful souls heal from self-doubt (because that's basically what impostor syndrome comes down to... impostor syndrome is self-doubt on steroids).

It is a process that you go through step by step, it has to do with understanding yourself, cleansing energy patterns and eventual "intrusive" stuff (including implants and frequencies with this spiritual warfare that is going on) but you can accelerate this process and know how to navigate through it with grace. Of course, it happens by layers, because that's how healing works (the famous onion analogy :) ) but it is possible and I can help you :)

I created a free guide for you that you can download here.

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