7 tips to tell if someone has your highest good at heart

Whether it is a family member, a partner, a friend or a professional you work with, he or she will:

  • empower you & encourage you to validate yourself

  • believe in you

  • not judge you for your actions or words but will hold space for you

  • tell you their honest opinion, even if that's not what you'd like to hear but in a kind way

  • respect your boundaries

  • genuinely care about you without hidden agenda or without having any expectations from you

  • celebrate your wins with you & hold space for you in harder times

And vice versa... Obviously...

No one has any room for toxicity, mind games, passive-aggressive behaviors or reproaches...

Are you having difficulties in your relationships? Are you being confronted with the same patterns repeating over and over?

If you're ready to find out what is holding you back and to break free from it, let's work together.

Small hint: are you being all of this for yourself?

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