9 Signs that you are an empath

Here are 9 signs indicating that you are an empath:

  • you feel others' emotions as your own

  • strangers come to you and tell you about their life

  • need to be alone to recharge

  • love helping others

  • can't stand any form of violence or cruelty

  • love animals and they naturally come to you

  • always researching and trying to understand

  • strong intuition

  • you just know when someone is not authentic or is lying

How not to be affected by others' emotions?

When someone's pain echoes your own, this wounded aspect of you becomes activated and even triggered sometimes, that is what is called "the resonance phenomenon"

Healing your wounds will help you deactivate the triggers.

You don't be activated and will not have any reaction, you will be able to just respond (vs reacting).

This therefore enables you to be 100% present with others without absorbing their pains, without diving deep into your own pain anymore.

You don't need to absorb others' pains, it doesn't lessen theirs and it only harms you.

Healing your wounds will not make you become insensitive, it will only help you focus and be more present with others and with yourself, grounded in the now moment with more mental clarity.

Even if healing is a journey and we peel layer after layer, healing my wounds to the point where most of my triggers got deactivated has changed my life, for the better :) I rarely get triggered nowadays... And I really hope for you to experience this level of peace :)

Let me know if this resonates and if you're ready to take your healing journey to the next level, feel free to message me.

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