9 Signs that you are an empath

  • you feel others' emotions as your own

  • strangers come to you and tell you about their life because they feel comfortable with you

  • need to be alone to recharge

  • love helping others

  • can't stand any form of violence or cruelty

  • love animals and they naturally come to you

  • always researching and trying to understand

  • strong intuition

  • you just know when someone is not authentic or is lying

Is this you? If you answered yes, you might be wondering:

  • "How can make the difference between what's mine and what's not?"

  • "How can I stop feeling overwhelmed because I feel too much?"

  • "How not to be affected by others' emotions more deeply than necessary?"

  • "How to stop carrying others' burdens on my shoulders?"

Let me tell you a secret (that is not a secret at all but a solution)...

Healing your wounds is the key to:

  • emotional freedom

  • boundaries

  • not being affected by Resonance phenomenon

  • not attracting humans or situations that will echo your emotional wounds

--> when you deactivate these wounds from the root, you are able to have the answer to the previous questions, namely,

  • you can tell what is yours and what is not

  • you won't be as overwhelmed, if at all

  • you will still feel others' emotions but they won't affect you to the point that they feel like your pain anymore

  • you will not feel like you "have" to carry others' burdens

You will still feel, you will still be compassionate but all this will be in a balanced way.

If that's something you want to work on, I can help you heal yourself or even teach you how to do that, send me a DM and let's talk about how I can assist you :)

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