A few things to know about shamanic healing

Well, here are a few things to know about shamanic healing:

- it's basically a session that provides you with a deep energy cleanse and energy healing

- it is a sacred moment and an act of self-love on your journey back to yourself, something that you choose to do for yourself

- it is a form of energy healing that goes deep, verryy deep to levels that you can't reach by yourself just yet

- it can help you get relief from physical pains and ailments as it strengthens your immune system and launches your self-healing abilities

- gives you emotional relief and sometimes release, you will feel lighter

- it brings you a mental break too by calming your thoughts and bringing you a feeling of inner peace

- releasing blocks, false beliefs and recurring patterns

- it releases stagnant energies, you will free yourself from these unwanted toxins

- it also cleanses your energy at deeper levels: etheric parasites, attachments of old energies, entities, toxic relationships, old soul contracts... all of these will be gone!

The relief is instant and your vibration will raise quickly.

You will also get channeled messages, insights and guidance to help you on your path.

However, it belongs to you not to go back to your old patterns and habits after the session.

I can channel energy for you as well as messages from your Guides and your Higher Self, I can give you tips and guidance and a follow-up, but I can't do the changes for you

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