A little backstory

So here's what to know about my story as an entrepreneur (or at least a piece of it).

I will try my best not to talk about 90s Eurodance or Super Mario (although I might throw one or 2 references here and there, who knows…)

Just kidding... But seriously, whether you’ve been reading my content and part of my Tribe for a while or more recently (thank you, first of all!!!) you probably want to know what to expect from me…

Well, here’s how my journey started: I officially launched my business back in 2016 (although I’ve been doing energy healing since 2009 and working with a pendulum since I was a child).

My main goal has always been to help beautiful people improve their life and know that pain (be it physical, emotional or mental), self-doubt and lack of self-confidence does NOT define them and does NOT have to be their destiny.

I used to be there myself… and during my darkest days, I wish I could just be happy and feel free... And that's who I became...

If you'd like to become your own hero, the version of you that you wish you were, I'm here to tell you that it is possible and I can help you accelerate your own journey so you don't take extra detours (like yours truly) - I went through it via the long and bumpy road, but you don't have to... I can show you the highway ==> Unshakeable

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