The day I was forced to talk about a trauma (what a true healer would never do) - Story time

Back in early 2014, I was still a Reiki student, my business wasn't open yet, a Reiki Master I had an in-person session with showed a big sign of unprofessionalism (he was not my teacher! Just someone I had heard of and I was curious to try a session with him).

I was in tears after a session, I was releasing stagnant and stuck emotions related to a specific trauma. I was vulnerable and I just needed someone to hold space for me and tell me all was ok, I was processing heavy stuffs. I didn't need to talk, I just needed to evacuate and be in the present moment, I needed reassurance.

But instead of that, I could feel he was looking at me, wanting to know what was going on, I felt his ego energy being purely nosy and trying to establish "authority", so he said "you won't heal if you don't talk about it to me now" and let me tell you that this is pure b*llsh*t... of course at the time I didn't know better, I wanted to heal so bad that I started wondering "what if he is right" and he kept pressuring me.

So I told him...

As a result, not only did I have to process the trauma in itself, but I also had to process the fact that I had just been forced to talk about it without being ready, and this can create another form of trauma.

But it didn't stop here... what did this so-called "healer" do after? Out of the blue, he told me that this trauma was my fault because I let it happen.

How delicate and compassionate of him, right?

So, that day, I promised myself I would never to that to a client when my business would be open! I'm grateful I learned that lesson, it brought awareness to me, so I will never do that to someone!

When you are processing trauma or whatever release you're having after a session, it is a sacred moment, a moment of liberation, a moment for the healer to hold space and be there, giving the energies of presence, benevolence and compassion.

Of course, you can talk about your trauma and you are very welcome to do so, it is totally ok. The point I was making here is that no one has the right to force you to talk about something you don't want or are not ready to talk about. If you want to talk about something, it is because you choose to do so with your own free will - not because someone is curious to know.

I hope this story will help you and reassure you in case you'd want a session and wonder if you will have to talk about things that you are not yet ready to talk about.

If you'd love to know more about how I work, I invite you to read my blog in the "Information" category or of course, you can contact me for any questions.

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