Akashic Records & karmic contract clearing

I was lost, I didn't know what to do anymore. I had been trying different things to end this soul connection.

No matter how hard I would try, it would end up being brought up in my face... I'd see a random person in the street who had similar hair as him, I'd hear a song that had the instrument he was playing, I'd see a product that originates from his native country... I tried to rationalize

"what is it saying about me? What do I need to heal" I found a few things, boundaries being one of them. So I did exactly that, still it wasn't enough. This soul connection would come back all . the . freaking . time...

One day I decided to take my healing to a deeper level and to explore a different area... I did a self-soul retrieval.

I had never tried it before and I didn't know what to expect, I just wanted to experience healing of whatever needed to be healed at that moment in time.

I journeyed in the astral, in the Akashic Records and saw myself in a past life during which I was married to this man. I was very unhappy and sad. In that past life, he was ashamed of me. I was already a healer and psychic (I've been doing this for many life times) and he didn't really want people of the village to know because he had an "important" role apparently so he didn't want people to think there were weird things going on or to be scared so he kept me small and locked in the house.

My soul fragment agreed to be reintegrated and this trauma was healed. I came back to the now moment feeling a shift.

For the next few days, I cleared the toxic energies out of my system, I literally purged him out of my energy field, I couldn't really eat or keep any food and he felt the cords were being cut. He reached out to me (which wasn't that common because he was giving me silence treatment a lot...) as soon as I saw his message, I felt a terrible energy pain in my solar chakra, I put my phone down and decided I wasn't going to reply to him - the pain stopped. He messaged me again a while after seeing that I wasn't replying (which is unlike me, I always return messages except if I have a good reason not to) and after that, he literally fell off my reality.

The soul contract was ended... just . like . that.

So of course, every journey is different but if you want to get clarity on a soul contract or just let yourself be guided by your Higher Self for your Highest good, it is totally possible and my Akashic Healing service can help you.

Is there a soul contract you'd like to end? Let me know in the comment below and I'll try my best to give you some tips.

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