Ancestral Healing can help you heal depression and boost your self-confidence

I remember my very first client as a personal development coach 6 years ago, she was depressed and had even confessed thinking about committing suicide and almost doing it, she lacked self-confidence, was doubting herself a lot and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.

I sat with her and her relationship with her mother came up, I asked her questions and she realized that it was patterns from her mother that she was subconsciously repeating.

I showed her in a loving way how she could free herself and energetically help her mother too - this work has nothing to do with blaming or rejecting responsibility.

This work is about self-love, compassion for the self and for other family members. We went deep, I did a whole program for her and after we finished that program, she was a different version of herself, she had grown self-confidence, she was empowered and she told me that now she was seeing light at the end of the tunnel, she had new ideas for her new career (while she was hating her current job), she had decided to do what was good for her and what would make her happy so she could show the way to her daughters and to whoever in her family would want to follow her.

Her depression and suicidal thoughts? Gone!

And this could be you!

Imagine if you could not only understand what is keeping you stuck and small but also free yourself from these burdens... imagine how you would feel if you could clearly see where you are coming from to decide where you are headed...

Click here to know more about how you can achieve that with me in your team and in your back pocket.

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