Another client's testimony after an Akashic Healing session

I am so grateful to be part of my clients' healing journey. I love how they can see things about themselves that they couldn't see before.

Shreya did an amazing job during her session, she could reconnect with aspects of herself and resolve childhood issues. She could calm her inner child and get back some inner peace that was lost during that specific event. She also saw another aspect of a specific event and could recollect that aspect.

My job is to guide you and create a safe space with psychic protection (very important!!!) and also a nurturing environment. I'm here to help you interpret some symbolism as I am channeling information. Sometimes things don't "make sense" per se, you get some symbolism but everything is divinely orchestrated. Your Higher Self and Spiritual Team will always use symbolism and images that speak to you and if you don't understand it consciously there are 2 options: either I am getting the information for you or you will understand later when the timing is right.

I am here to plant seeds of consciousness for you to understand things when you are ready.

Each experience is unique because you are unique, your story is unique. That is why your session with me will always be adapted to what you need.

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