Are you allowing yourself to receive?

I know what you're thinking "of course I want to receive too", right?

Surprisingly, I've learned that there's a difference between knowing that you are open to receive vs not only give and actually allowing yourself to receive/feeling worthy of receiving...

Let me break it down quickly: you give genuinely, without expecting anything in return (without any agenda) so you will receive.

But sometimes, false & limiting beliefs you've developed or taken on from other people (family, peers, societal beliefs, etc.) make that you can have blocks that prevent you from receiving what you deserve.

These false beliefs are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind and you're not even aware that you have them, yet they can still create blockages...

This journal prompt will help you find if you have any limiting belief or any pattern coming in the way and creating any block for you...

Let me know what you will have discovered so I can celebrate with you!

Feel free to check my services for more info as that can also help you on your journey.

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