Are you choosing to build yourself up after a trauma? Story time...

Can you relate?

I used to be bullied, especially in the school bus. I was called names, ridiculed, humiliated, you name it... It was a bunch of children from my village, I had no real friend, one of the girls who pretended to be my friend was actually backstabbing me... anyway...

Life went on... Uni, graduation, moving abroad, then finding a job back here, working my way up the organization chart, becoming an executive in charge of the whole administrative service.

My boss was in another building 2 min away from my office. One day, I was on my way to his office... I saw some guy, standing in the hall, I politely said "good morning" as I was minding my own business on my way upstairs to the CEO's office, he turned around & said "Bonjour Madame" & I recognized who he was: one of my worse bullies!!! He was actually standing there with a CV in his hands, job hunting.

I kept walking & laughed mentally because not only had he not recognized me but he greeted me with respect - the same girl he used to call horrible name was now "madam". I thought "Thank you, Universe".

When I tell this story, I'm told "if I were you, I'd have said something to make him feel bad" but that'd have been playing the same game he used to play.

More generally here, my point is we can choose to become bitter, merciless, to close our heart & give up on other human beings, on life. Yes, traumas can affect us, but we still have the choice on how we respond to them.

That's also why I'm doing what I do: I want to show human beings who cross my path how amazing they are & how different life can be when they choose themselves & say "yes" to life :)

Are you saying "yes" to life?

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