Are you emotionally & mentally abusing yourself?

Of course there are more "obvious ways" to abuse oneself, like addictions, destructive behaviors, self-sabotage, etc. In any cases, here are 5 tips to help you:

1) First of all, thank yourself for having found this post and having read it, it means that deep inside of yourself you are looking for solutions and you want to heal yourself. I'm "high-fiving" you for this! So please take a second to acknowledge this in yourself :-)

2) You now have more awareness on what you are doing to yourself, it is a form of self-sabotage and trust me, beautiful soul, you don't deserve that --> awareness is the first step on the path to recovery. From now own, you're going to do your best to observe and catch yourself if you're doing anything against yourself and thank yourself for catching yourself

3) whatever trauma or abuse you went through as a child, whatever someone said to you, your needs are valid! Affirm now "I am worthy and my needs are valid"

4) shift the energy: you're going to replace negative words or actions towards yourself by something kind --> reprogram your mind and your language and become your own best friend (yes, it IS possible - you got this!)

5) be compassionate towards yourself, why would you be sending yourself low vibrational energies? See yourself as a child who's always learning: would you blame a little child for not knowing better until he/she learns? Of course not. We are all children and students of life, treat yourself like you would treat an innocent little child.

Sometimes, self-sabotage comes from a past life or ancestral patterns, in any case, you can heal from this - DM me if you need help and share with a friend who needs to hear this.

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