Are you scared to invest in a healing session or program?

I feel you, I was scared too and I have had experiences that didn’t turn out as I had expected: the coaches/healers

1) didn't manage time well and they couldn't finish the program in the number of sessions I had paid for

2) literally went offline after a few sessions and never finished the program, they disappeared with my money

How can you know it won't happen to you? There are ways to check if someone is legit, even if you see them online and even if you know them

1) check if they are consistent on social media, look for how long they have been in business

2) message them in private and ask them questions, tell them about your doubts, you will get to know them, their energy, don't be afraid, if they don't want to reply or if they feel insulted, that'll be a red flag

3) check their terms and conditions, see how they work

Sometimes you can also be afraid that you're not going to be able to do the work, in that case, it is a matter of trusting yourself, ask yourself "do I trust myself? Do I really want to improve my life?" because no matter how much effort the healer puts in the work, if you are not ready to do your part, you will not have optimal results... It is a team work!!!

With that being said… if you are ready to learn how to trust yourself more, to invest in yourself and to change your life, feel free to check my services and drop me a message. Let's connect!

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