Are you trying to connect to your inner guidance but your mind is coming in the way?

Are you trying to connect to your inner guidance but your ego/mind is coming in the way?

Or maybe you want to move on but ego keeps repeating the same old scenarios & boring statements?

I feel you... I know how it feels...

Here are a few tips:

1) Know that your ego is a database of past experiences considered as unpleasant, painful or horrible, its role is to protect you

2) Go in observer mode, don't engage in any scenario

What can help is to imagine your ego is a little child and listen to his/her fear, what he/she has to say

3) What is the story that your ego is telling you? don't judge it, just observe your inner dialogue, how your body responds, how you feel...

4) You can then ask yourself, “Is this threat real in the now moment?” The answer will likely be “no”…

5) you will then be able to see some of your actions and reactions as results of wounds that you can choose to heal in order to find balance. You have all the tools within you to do so.

6) thank your ego for wanting to protect you and tell it that there is nothing to fear anymore. You are safe, you are growing

When you can feel that your ego is activating or that it is getting loud, observe what you are perceiving as a danger and to which situation of the past your current experience is echoing.

Hear what your ego have to say and choose how you want to respond.

Accept your ego as a part of you because you are one with yourself.

Try this and keep me posted :)

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