Client's Love Timeline Healing aka psychic healing reading

This beautiful soul had never had any psychic reading before and she felt like giving it a go... it was such a beautiful experience. She explained what she was struggling with and I did the session according to her request, for her highest good. I channeled and once I was done I sent her the audio recording and she sent me this testimonial...

She's been doing the work to solidify her mindset after the shifts that took place

I'm super grateful... It's always an honor to exchange beautiful and powerful moments with my amazing clients.

If you, too, want to give it a go and you're ready to shift some beliefs and clear some blocks that are preventing you from reaching your next level, let's work together. You can book your Timeline healing session or send me a mail via the contact form if you prefer :)

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Thank you, beautiful Ourvashi, for your trust and for the powerful session we had. Truly grateful to work with amazing souls and share beautiful experiences with all of you. If you'd like to experienc