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I remember this soul healing session very well, I took this Lady to the akashic records...

It was beautiful to witness this amazing soul hit deep realizations and how everything made sense to her... most importantly, the most magical part was how her relationship flourished after our work together. It changed her life and I'm so grateful to have had the honor to facilitate this session and do this work with her.

A session can help in any area of life, in her case, it was about her relationship.

If you're clear about your intentions and are ready to do the inner work of reflection and shifting what isn't aligned, let's work together!

I'm still doing single 1:1 for now but I also have bundles that enable you to have support on your journey so that you can build new habit and make durable changes. You can visit the link in my bio to book your free discovery call or send me a message.

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Thank you, beautiful Ourvashi, for your trust and for the powerful session we had. Truly grateful to work with amazing souls and share beautiful experiences with all of you. If you'd like to experienc