Communicate your Truth and Increase your Creativity - Guided Meditation

In this powerful guided meditation (that you'll find below), you're being placed in a comfortable and relaxing space for your to clear your physical and extrasensory perception channels so that you can develop your creativity, hear your inner guidance.

You'll be assisted by and receive clearing and healing from the powerful energies of Mercury's consciousness as well as the Powerful Goddess Ma'at.

The goal is to help you find and express your Truth from within but also receive high vibrational guidance from Source via your Higher Self so that you're always guided on a righteous and high vibrational path, aligned with your heart's desire and for your highest good.

Take this moment for yourself and enjoy these amazing energies!

Much love, Morgane

PS: Don't listen while driving or operating machinery

Music Credit: "Dreaming at 432Hz" by Unicorn Heads

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