Compassionate guiding of the souls

I don't call what I do "exorcism" but compassionate guidant for transition of souls... Like a psychopomp or ferryman of souls...

Entities can be attached to people as well as places through etheric cords. The difference between a "simple" attachment and a case of possession is the degree of attachment of the entity, that is to say its level of intrusion in someone's energy field.

Possession is an extreme form of attachment. With low vibrational entities (even demonic ones) the stronger the attachment, the higher the risk of possession becomes. In that case, we need to guide the entity out of the person’s aura. That is when an exorcist or a shaman intervenes.

Here is what I do:

  • entities are guided in a non-judgmental way

  • the entities that are stuck and suffering are guided and will be able to find peace and relief

  • low vibrational or even demonic entities are given the choice to either evolve and face their karma or to go back to their original plane of existence (low vibrational entities means low vibrational plane of existence), they will be escorted to make sure they won't stay where they could harm anyone else

  • etheric cords with the person and/or place are cut

  • the person who will have been freed will receive protection, their aura will be healed and their vibrational frequency will increase, advice will be given to avoid going back to the same situation

All of this is done in a non-judgmental way and with compassion, for the highest good of all.

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