Definition & signs of a soul connection

I use the term soul connection, each deep soul connection has a role to play. I don't like the term twin flame, it is tricky and has been stained, plus you can have several soul connections that show "twin fame signs" described by many people.

The term has been stained and some so-called TF teachers/healers/gurus take advantage of people, I have experienced it for myself many years ago, trusting coaches/healers that didn't have my highest good (or other people's because I wasn't the only one to be taken advantage of, this I know for a fact as other people I know have been victims of these people too).

Soul connections are a very personal process, each story is unique and they always send back to yourself anyway so whatever connection or block you are going through, the answer is within you.

These etheric cords enable energy exchanges between the 2 people who are connected, they can for example enable us to feel the other person's energy and emotions, to use telepathy...

Sensitive people will be able to tell right away when there is a connection and also when a connection is starting to become toxic and harmful.

The purpose is different for each person, each set of people and each soul contract...

More generally speaking, the purpose is to learn a lesson and to go back to our true essence = unconditional love for ourselves and for every being.

If you want to understand your soul connection with someone, I can help you... Not by trying to figure out what the other person is thinking or feeling for you, but by going deep within yourself... Feel free to book a session.

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