Do you want to become a self-master? Healing your wounds and learning how to heal others?

My teachings are divided into 3 levels because it's a massive program and amount of knowledge that I'm sharing. Everyone can choose the teachings they will want to receive according to the program description, it's pretty flexible.

Each level includes 1:1 teachings, support, coaching on the go and extra resources (who doesn't like bonuses, right?)

Bonus for PIF, no interest charged for payment plans

You'll learn how to activate your own abilities, remember how to heal yourself and how to facilitate for others if you so desire.

You'll be able to deal with everything that your next-level throws at you and become a Self-Master!

I'm not teaching a system, a method nor rituals, there's no worshipping, nothing complicated, nothing channeled from the astral planes that risk opening doors to dark entities or impostors disguised as "light beings" (you'll also have tools to be able to distinguish the legit from the not legit ones).

I give you tools and a way to apply them in certain circumstances to follow common sense, everyone can access these, they're part of you and of the human structure.

Requirements: being fully involved, fully committed (aka showing up for the calls and using the tools in application to the teachings), choosing yourself, being into metaphysical and quantum knowledge, ready to face your deepest truth with self-love and compassion.

Is that you? If yes, send me a DM and let's get you started on your self-mastery journey to heal like a boss!

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