Don't make this mistake - Self-confidence lesson (story time)

If one of my past mistakes can help you, I'd be so happy! Well, it wasn't a mistake per se, I don't really believe in mistakes... it was more a lesson...

Many years ago, before I opened my business, I met a healer whom I had a few sessions with and I made the mistake of believing his words more than myself.

I wanted to heal myself so bad, free myself from trauma and grow so much that I was thinking that he knew better than I did and I disregarded my own intuition to trust him.

There was a kind of very subtle energy behind his words, an invisible language that was trying to have "power" over me and also over other women that were there - strangely enough, we were only women going to these Reiki meetings.

But I disregarded some signs, thinking I was making it all up "because I had no proof" so I was probably imagining things, other women (mostly older women as I was the youngest most of the time) were trusting him and admiring him, seeing him as an authority so I was probably wrong... I had the feeling he was aiming at creating a "circle of women around him" to be a kind of "guru" or some sh*t like that lol

Long story short (after he forced me to talk about my trauma, later blamed me for creating my own trauma for myself and questioning the teachings I had received from another teacher because he was wishing to have me as his student to take my money...), I realized my intuition was right from the start and I hadn't made any of that up. No one could see it because they weren't in touch with themselves as much as I was, even if I wasn't giving myself enough credit.

So guys, moral of the story: if something feels wrong to you, deep inside of you (I'm not talking about a trigger, more about that deep inner knowing, the red flag that lights up), even if you have no proofs, trust it!!! We are all energy readers and our inner guidance can save ourselves a lot of unnecessary troubles if we listen to our own wisdom.

I have forgiven myself for that and took my power back.

If you need to take your power back, I have a freebie available on my website, click the link in my bio and check the tab "freebie".

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