Emotional healing tips

When you do emotional healing, your 3 best friends are:

♥ yourself - being there for yourself without judging yourself or your emotions

♥ pen and notepad - journaling can help you get things out of your system

♥ crystals: they are good allies to have with you, you can meditate with them and ask them to help you transmute your emotions and soothe your pain.

On this picture you can see:

✧ amethyst: good for addictions, aggression, bitterness

✧ rose quartz: good when you feel abandoned, to make you feel loved, enhances self-love

✧ citrine: solar chakra (seat of emotions linked to the ego and past wounds), like the sun it transmutes lower vibrations

✧ Lapis Lazuli: helps heal repressed emotions in case of abuse

✧ turquoise: good for communication and expressing emotions.

Of course these crystals have many more properties, I was just giving a few here

How do you usually deal with your emotions?

If you need help in understanding your emotions, transmuting them and expressing them, my course can help you.

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