Energy vampires

What is an energy vampire?

An energy vampire is a physical person or an entity who sucks your energy - to harm you deliberately or not.

2 different cases:

❀ The vampire is another human being:

- Active vampirism: Sometimes some people want to harm you whatever their reasons might be

- Passive vampirism: a person’s actions can harm you without them having the intention to do so (ex: someone who complains all the time, who expects you to justify yourself, who seeks your attention constantly) but the result is the same. In this case, energy vampirism is not deliberate/direct but it can harm you as much as an active one.

❀ If the vampire is an entity:

- Passive energy sucking: Some entities who used to be incarnated in a physical body are sometimes not aware that they are physically dead or they might not be able to transition, in that case they can happen to attach themselves to you or to just suck your energy indirectly if they live where you live. In that case the entity’s goal is not to harm but to survive - harming you is a consequence.

- Active energy sucking: some very low vibrational entities who are demonic and just want to harm and annoy people until someone takes actions to stop them from doing so.

If you are facing one of these cases, let me know down below, don't be afraid, there are solutions (read some here), the first thing to do is to remember that YOU have the power, you always do.

If you need help remembering how to find your power back, I'm here, available for sessions.

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