Etheric cords & toxic attachments

  • Nature of these cords

Some can be beneficial for us when they connect us to people, animals, places, items,

etc. that we love and with whom our interactions and exchanges are positive, balanced and bring us joy.

Some cords can harm us, ex: when we are in touch with people who want to cause us harm, who are angry at us or jealous of us, people who want to manipulate or people who are trying to catch our attention by any means (whether their intentions are good or not) it is also the case when we can't forgive someone or let go of something that happened with that person.

There are 2 types of low-vibrational attachments that can cause you harm: attachments to souls that are suffering (whether they are dead or alive) and don't mean you any harm (but they are still sucking your energy so even if their intention is not to harm you, they will still cause you harm) and attachments that do mean harm.

  • Where are they attached?

They can attach everywhere on our aura but they mainly attach to our chakras and especially our 7 major chakras. Our chakras are energy centers and each of them represent a specific type of energy, a specific message according to the nature of the connection we have with the person or the situation in question.

Have you ever felt you had low-vibrational exchanges and cords? Let me know and if you want to have a cleanse of your energy field, send me a message or book a session, my shamanic healing can help with that.

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