Everyone is sensitive (in their own way)

We are all sentient and sensitive beings, but not everyone has the same sensitivity.

Some people are pro at hiding it, but it doesn't mean they're not sensitive.

Some aren't in touch with this sensitive part of themselves, they have repressed it or suppressed it.

And some, like you and I, are super sensitive to the point that even if we'd like to hide it or tune it down, we couldn't do so "just like that".

We all have wounds, we all have a story, right?

My point here is that to all of you, my fellow super sensitive humans, keep in mind that even if someone doesn't treat you nicely, it has nothing to do with you, they're just not in touch with their own sensitivity.

Is it an excuse? No... but this is for you to remember that there is nothing wrong with you, we're all different and you don't have to question yourself.

Thank yourself for being sensitive and for being aware that you are, that is your superpower (or one of your super powers!).

Drop me a <3 if you consider yourself as sensitive and drop 2 <3 for highly sensitive :)

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