Free yourself from unnecessary burdens

At some point in life, we have all been a victim of terrible circumstances or people who really caused us harm, right? I know I have... I have lost my power several times, I was victim of circumstances or people and the wounds already present in me made that I couldn't act or react in another way than I did... and it's ok, I forgave myself because at the time, I did my best, I didn't know better otherwise I would have done differently...

But it is not because we were victims at a specific moment of our life that we need to carry this burden and keep the label stuck on our forehead.

What is "victim mentality"? "It's not my fault because XYZ happened to me", "I wish I could do ABC but because XYZ happened to me, I'm afraid to..."

Yes it is true, it is not your fault that something happened to you, however you can take your power back and heal this part of you. How do I know it is possible? Because I have been through it myself and I am the living proof of that.

I've noticed that some people feel powerless and sometimes, as much as they want to heal, they are afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone so they consciously or not use their trauma as "an excuse" to "stay small". (This is not a blame, this is just to bring awareness).

Let me tell you something, my dear, you are safe, you need to free yourself, if you listen to that voice, you are staying the victim of whatever or whoever caused you pain, is it really what you want? YOU hold the power, YOU have a responsibility towards yourself to take care of yourself, free yourself and love yourself and only YOU can do that. My point here is that no matter what happened to you, I feel you, I'm holding space for you and I'm here to remind you that you can feel better & heal. No one can do it for you but you can get support! Deciding is the 1st step. If you're ready to take it to the next level, DM me. I can guide & support you, show you a different approach that will help you shift.

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