Healing Self-Love blocks to open doors to opportunities with Timeline Healing

You have heard the saying "As Within, So Without" or "your outer world is a reflection of your inner world", right?

A lack of connection with yourself is not your fault, it is a consequence of traumas, hurts, wounds, false beliefs, etc. that we have all faced at some point in our life and through our soul's history and it therefore has consequences on the way you perceive the reality around you and the world.

In this podcast episode, we talk about blocks to self-love, their origins and how they creates hindrances and blocks to our success in different areas of life (prosperity, health, love, relationships, career...).

We also talk about how removing those blocks can actually open doors and remove barriers so that you can free yourself and I'm explaining how I can help you do that with Timeline Healing.

I hope you enjoy this episode!

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