How great would it be if you could intuitively find a meaning to situations?

Let me ask you, in other words, how it would feel if you'd be so connected to your Higher Self that you'd intuitively feel what is in your highest good and what is not?

I wrote a book back in 2019 that was about Understanding your Extrasensory Perceptions, the different ways you can receive or perceive messages through your ESP channels (it is included in my teachings Journey to Self-Mastery).

There are 6 that I have identified and experienced:

  • claircognizance = clear knowing, you don't know how you know but you know

  • clairvoyance = seeing with your mind's eye

  • clairsentience = feeling things in/with your body

  • clairaudience = hearing disembodied voices/sounds

  • clairolfaction= smelling disembodied/etheric smells

  • clairgustance = having a taste of something in your mouth (ex: you see food you have never tried but you can taste it)

Having a healthy lifestyle can help you refined those channels, I have a freebie and a guided meditation on YT that can help you.

If you're ready to sharpen your ESP and learn how to tap into energy and silence the mind as a tool to heal yourself and others, slide into my DMs and let's talk about how we can work together to make it happen

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