How it feels to release old energies

Healing crises are normal after energy work, you learn this in Reiki, whether you are having a session or receiving teachings.

Not everyone will feel sensations and things the same way but it's not because you don't feel anything that nothing is happening, it all depends on how ready you are to do the work and how deep you will let the shaman/healer/facilitator go. Sometimes, during sessions, some are not ready to go deeper and it's ok, your Higher Self will only allow what you can handle.

A healing crisis is a normal response to the energy, it is a sign that you really needed the session.

Think about a body detox... when you detox you eliminate toxins so you have side-effects (ex: you sweat when you exercise, you can happen to sweat after a food poisoning when your system is working on eliminating the toxins that was poisoning you, and of course, I'm not even talking about the part when you need to have toilets handy, right?)

Well, with energy healing, it's the same, you had been holding on to energy toxins in your energy field so it's normal you'll feel the detox effects, it can be emotional release, feeling sensations like cold or heat, slight pains, memories coming back up... generally it won't last more than 24 to 48hours on average (everyone is different and each case is specific).

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