How not to be upset at someone...

If you resonate with this, here's a little technique

Whoever does something or say hurtful things, first ask yourself if they meant to hurt you or if you just hurt yourself through their words...

Sometimes people really want to hurt us... but in reality they are only hurting themselves through you. My quick tip is to see them as a little child who doesn't know love and compassion because they weren't taught.

See them, see their wounds, see how their actions show they live in fear... Could you be angry at a little child who hasn't been taught how to walk? Of course not... Would you been angry at a child for waking you up at night because they're scared? Of course not... Well, some people still have that little wounded child in them that sometimes takes over and they don't know how to express what they feel so it comes out as hurtful words or actions.

That is by no means an excuse, this is just a technique that you, as a person who is working on their own healing and growth, can use for your own growth and peace of mind. When you focus on compassion and see how someone's lack of love can make them act, you can't be angry at them anymore, you feel compassion...

This is done from a place of self-love, you don't want to hold any negative vibrations towards them because you love yourself so much that you don't want to give them attention or energies that would harm you, you understand that we are one and loving yourself is loving others.

If you're really affected by their words, then thank them in your mind because they're showing you what needs to be healed within you and I'm here if you're ready to take a closer look, let's work together.

Next time someone doesn't act very kindly towards you, try this technique and tag a friend who needs to hear this.

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