How to balance the masculine and feminine energies within you

The key ingredients are:

- mindfulness --> staying aware of your internal environment in the now

- knowing giving vs receiving and noticing your patterns, balancing action with flow

- working on your brain and other components of our human nature

- balancing your energy centers (PS the 7 chakras are not what most think they are and healing this layer will help big time)

- meditation can hep too

I have teachings available:

- a chakra masterclass if you want a self-paced course to heal your chakras once for good (no BS!) included in my Journey to Self-Mastery program

- Journey to self-mastery is for you if you're ready to become your own healer (and maybe even open your own business)

DM me for more info or get started at the link in my bio and check out my free guided meditation on my podcast.

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