How to connect & ask for a sign from your Angels, Guides, etc.

A lot of you have been asking me how to connect with your Angels, Guides, etc.

As a channel, I am connected with Amazing High Vibrational Beings from the Higher Realms. Whether you call them Angels, Spirit Guides, etc. it doesn't matter, they're all part of your Spiritual Team and have your highest good and best interest at heart and they love unconditionally. During transformational sessions, whether it is shamanism or psychic guidance, I channel these amazing beings, as well as your own Higher Self.

How to connect with Angels/Guides and ask for signs? I'm going to give a shocking answer here... There is no "right" or "wrong" way, just connect from the heart and ask them to help you and show you what you need to see, ask them for a sign,

- it can be a sign that you decide (ex: show me a feather, a 4-leaf clover, a coin in the street, specific number sequences...)


- you can leave it up to them which sign to send you and ask them to make sure you can recognize the sign.

Angels & Guides respect free will, not many people know that (I didn't know when I started on this path) they will not help you if you don't ask them for help (unless it is something that was decided before birth, ex: if your life is endangered and it's not your time, they will intervene to help even if you didn't ask because it was in their contract - if that makes sense...)

Then let go, trust that you will see, don't actively look for signs because expectations will create blocks (I was a champion at that back in the days) I'd be so desperate for a sign that I would second guess everything "is that a sign?" and then I ended up disregarding them LOL so don't make the same "mistake" as I did...

I hope this helps and feel free to share your experiences :)

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