How to create a safe space around you in less than 2 minutes

I know you're busy and sometimes you need to go to places and be around some people that have a low vibrations, that make you feel stressed, awkward and uneasy. We can't always avoid that...

So here is my quick tip for you to feel safe and stay in your own energy in a few seconds only:

1) close your eyes and focus on your heart center (heart chakra)

2) Take a few deep breaths and focus on the air entering your nose and feel it as you expand your chest and belly then exhale any tension

3) set the intention that nothing around you, no place, no person's energy can affect you, you make the decision

4) visualize a bubble of purple light around you that is going to protect you and transmute low vibrations and say "I am my own safe space, I feel inner peace and I only allow high vibrations in my safe space"

5) trust the energy, trust yourself, express gratitude and open your eyes

You're now fully ready to face life like a boss :-)

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