How to go from negative self-talk to self-acceptance in 5 easy steps

Hi my fellow empaths and sensitive souls ! I hope and trust you're doing well with these equinox energies! I have something new for you! A new freebie that is giving you 5 steps to go from negative self-talk to self-acceptance. Why did I create this freebie? Well, I used to be hard on myself, always criticizing myself and seeing "what I should have done better", over-giving, no boundaries... which was leaving me hurt, misunderstood, taken advantage of and feeling lonely too, because once people would have taken what they'd need from me (ex: copying my homework at school, helping for a task at work, helping a friend out...) I'd just be alone, tired and feeling sad... no one would ever ask me if I would need something... I had trapped myself in a box - how could others ask me if I'd need something if I wasn't acknowledging my own needs in the first place? Long story short, to give a bigger picture, I had no idea I wasn't accepting myself, which was the key to moving forward. Now you might be wondering "How can I accept myself or validate myself?" And that's when you click the button below to download the answers to your questions :)

Download your Freebie here

I'm happy to be giving you this free ebook as you're already subscribed to my email list :) You'll also find an exclusive offer inside The Self-Doubt Crusher - a great opportunity to seize if you'd like to get rid of your self-doubt tendency to make room for self-acceptance, self-validation and self-love... a 75-min call that includes a 30-min follow-up... Your relationship with yourself is the starting point of your relationships with the world in every area... Are you ready to crush that boring self-doubt? Find more info in the freebie :)

Feel free to message me for any questions, take care!


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