How to heal the masculine and feminine energies within you

You hear a lot about healing the feminine and the masculine (especially in the "twin flame" community...

First of all, no matter what physical gender we are born as, we both have masculine and feminine energies within us.

My approach to healing the Feminine and the Masculine might be unpopular, but here's my truth..

From personal experience and clients' experiences the big "secret" is to heal childhood wounds (and soul wounds in general).

The 5 major wounds that we all experienced (if not the 5 of them, at least 1) in our early days/years, that are:

- Rejection

- Abandonment

- Betrayal

- Injustice

- Humiliation

They're related to wounds from our mother and father (biological but also Foster if you were adopted, because there's no coincidence).

Ideally, all the dysfunctions and recurring patterns that we have seen as a child need to be healed - but the more you heal yourself, the more you heal your masculine and feminine energies within.

Always remember:

- there's nothing "wrong" with you

- you're not broken

- everything can be healed and overcome

- you don't need to have everything figured out in advance, it's a journey that you walk step by step

If you don't know where to start on your healing journey, I have freebies that can help, you can get started at the link in bio. Raising your vibration and taking your power back are 2 things you can already wok on.

If you need more info, check the "work with me" Highlight on my profile that will tell you the different solutions I offer - there's one for every budget and every step of your journey.

Not sure what you need? It's ok, send me a DM and I'll help you get clarity on what would be most beneficial for you at this moment in time.

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