How to part with an energy vampire...

You cut these cords but the vampire is back? It's normal... Let me explain...

When you cut cords with an energy vampire, they will feel it and try to reattach - nothing to fear, just be aware and know (they're so predictable)

That is always what I tell my clients, friends, whoever asks me about cord cutting and whoever I help cut cords.

I always warn you because you might think "ugh, I cut cord and they're still here, it didn't work!!!"

But I'm here to tell you that YES, it DID work. It's not that they're still here, it's that they are trying to reattach.

Imagine a fridge full of nice food (your energy) and someone keeps coming and taking your food away because it's easy, they just have to help themselves... They don't have to go shopping, the food is right there, why would they bother and try make any effort, right?

It's the same with you, for as long as you will allow an energy vampire to feed off your energy, they'll take.

But the day when you take your power back and cut cords, they'll feel their "supply" is not there, they won't have food anymore, they won't have the "power" over you so they'll subconsciously feel it and want to check in with you what's up so they can re-attach.

And they have different strategies to try and trick you, for example, they will try to make you feel sorry for them or they will act super sweet (and send you in a guilt-trip) and that is when you have to be strong!

I can help you cut cords, I can tell you what is going to happen but I can't act on your behalf (because YOU have the power, remember? yep, that's my point).

And this has happened many times to someone I know who was coming to me for shamanic healing sessions, we'd cut cord with a very toxic (even demonic) person (because someone who is physically abusive clearly has demons in them - not judging but that's a fact) so I'd tell them before a session "are you ready to let this person go?" yes "know they'll try to reattach so you'll have to be strong and not let that happen" they promised they'd not let that happen... next thing you know they're back together again... then drama hits again, they come back to me for a session aware they fkd up, begging me for another session saying this time they won't let that happen again so I go with my usual speech and I am being promised it won't happen again, we do another session and guess what? Yep... it happened again... and after that I refused, I will not help this person again for that matter because I am clearly wasting my time and they are clearing not willing to do the inner work.

YOU will have to be there for yourself, YOU will have to see through the BS.

Share this a friend who needs to hear this :) and if you want help, let's hop on a call so I can see how to assist you.

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