How to recognize a true facilitator, healer, coach, etc.

I am always careful with the word "guru" or "mentor" and I use it to describe "someone who shows the way by walking the walk they talk and not only talking about the walk they want others to walk and they pretend to walk"

I have seen a lot of healers in the past wanting to have people around them in a co-dependent way, acting like they want to be venerated or feel important, I saw it in front of my eyes with a local Reiki Master who had a bunch of women around him who were literally seeing him as a God and as a savior.

If you are around me, I want it to be because it is bringing you closer to where you want to be, closer to yourself, because you choose to - not because I want you to depend on me. we are all Gods and Goddesses and I want you to see it for yourself <3

When you teach a baby how to walk, you hold their hand until they can walk by themselves, right? and if they fall you go and get them back up on their feet... Well, this analogy is how I see spiritual work and how I see myself as a shaman. I'm a bridge to help you go from where you are back to yourself.

A true healer/coach/mentor/guru will always empower you and encourage your to trust yourself. The only person I want you to depend on is yourself, not me. I'm here for you, to hold your hand and show you the way... and my biggest joy is to see you trust yourself and see your own power! <3

Please stay mindful of who you work with and to whom you grant access to your energy.

I love you all!

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