How & why distance sessions work

When we are not familiar with energy work, it can be surprising to hear about distance sessions. We wonder how someone that we don't know can work on us and help us without being physically in the same room.

I'm going to explain why receiving a distance (or remote) session is as effective and efficient as receiving a session with the healer being physically present in the same room.

In the type of energy healing that I practice I don’t handle or touch your physical body (even when I used to do in-person sessions), I never handled limbs, muscles or bones, all is done by laying on of hands. I don’t have to touch the physical body or to be in the same room as my clients to perform a healing and obtain results.

Healing work is done at an energy level, it impacts your subtle bodies/aura, which will then impact your physical body to improve your general wellbeing and health. That’s what we call it metaphysical, namely what goes beyond the physical.

It is the same principle for guidance, the information I receive don’t come from the physical world but from the ethereal world, from Guides, the Angels, the Archangels, etc.

When you contact me with the intention to receive a healing session and improve your wellbeing, our energies connect. Of course we exchange before (by e-mail, etc.), you can explain your situations whatever it is (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, stress, insomnia...) and what you are expecting form the session if you want. I can also work intuitively if you prefer, energy will always act for your highest good according to your needs. l’énergie agira toujours pour votre plus grand bien selon vos besoins.

Energy transcends time and space - it has no limit, therefore there is no restriction, distance has no impact on the effectiveness or quality of the healing.

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