I have created the life I am living because I have been following my guidance

I exited the matrix back in 2013 after I lost my job as an executive following the bankruptcy of the group. I was strongly guided to open my own business and even if it didn't make any sense to my rational mind, I followed.

Did I question it? Yes

Was I scared? Absolutely

Did I let it stop me? No

I have created this life where I'm independent, I live by my own rules. I decided to travel and go live a beautiful story on the other side of the world with a man who has taught me a lot, isolated on top of a mountain (just us & our dog), I just had a small hand luggage, my phone, my computer (which actually broke down and I couldn't get it fixed), no wi-fi, that's all I had to run my business. I could do that because I created this life for myself and if I did, so can you.

Does it mean I have achieved all my dreams? No, because there is always more to achieve, more things to explore, more fun to have

Does it mean I have it all figured out? No, because I consider myself a student of life and I'm always learning and questioning everything, there is always room for improvement, life is full of experiences.

What matters is to be willing to question yourself and being persistent in your dreams, to never give up.

The day we achieve our dreams will be the day we need to set new ones, the sky is the limit!

Are you taking a step towards your goals and dream every day? If you are facing blocks and are ready to break through them, send me a DM so we can see which session would be the most adapted to your needs at this moment in time.

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