If you don't know your worth, others will take advantage of you and not tell you how worthy you are

Do you know how worthy you are?

You probably do but maybe you struggle believing it?

Maybe others' actions and reactions don't reflect this back to you?

Others' actions and reactions have nothing to do with how worthy you are. Others react according to their own wounds.

However, if you find yourself doubting your worth, I suggest you dig into your belief system because I can guarantee that there's a false belief that needs to be shifted.

Here is a journal prompt for you: "When was the 1st time in my life that I felt unworthy? What situation was it? Who was involved? What is the truth?"

If you need assistance to shift a core belief or a transgenerational pattern, I can help you during a healing session or I can teach you how to do that for yourself. DM me "shift" if you're ready to get to the next level and see how worthy you are.

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