If you're on your healing & growth journey and/or if you're a starseed, read this :)

If you said yes to one or several of these questions, I'm glad you're here because those are what I specialize in.

Why? Because I've been there myself (and still am because that's what I choose for myself) and I turned my life around, from being in the dark, depressed, feeling stuck to where I am now. I can talk about any trauma without any emotion attached, I don't have any trigger if I talk about them, I'm at peace with my past.

This enables me not to be triggered when my clients tell me about their situations or when I do a healing session. I can be fully present with you because I'm clear with myself, if I hear a story similar to mine, my thoughts are not going to start racings, instead, I will be able to give you advice so that you can shift fast and accelerate your growth and healing process!

Imagine how it'd feel if you wouldn't be triggered and you could talk about your past without emotions? Without feeling like you're carrying it like a burden? It's possible!

If you're wishing this for yourself and have any questions about how I could help you, I'm inviting you to drop them in the comments or to send me a DM :) See you soon!

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